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Yi-Chien is a set designer working in theatre and film. Originally born and raised in Taiwan, she has been accumulating design credits in both Taiwan and the US. She received her BA from National Taiwan University and her MFA in Scenic Design at UC San Diego. Currently based in San Diego, she has been working with local theatres including Cygnet Theatre, Diversionary Theatre, San Diego Rep Theatre, Old Globe Theatre, and Moxie Theatre Company.


Recently, she received the Craig Noel Award 2022 for Outstanding Scenic Design for her work on October Night of Johnny Zero in Backyard Reinassance Theatre Company. Un-Tongue was exhibited at The 28th Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre in 2021. Her work for Moon Drunk has been selected for the Emerging Artist/Imagination Exhibit in the 2019 Prague Quadrennial.

李宜蒨,為自由接案的劇場舞台設計,畢業於加州大學聖地牙哥分校戲劇與舞蹈研究所(UC San Diego Theatre and Dance Department),師承百老匯舞台設計師Robert Brill,現居加州聖地牙哥,從事戲劇、舞蹈舞台設計以及劇場影像設計。合作劇團包含San Diego Repertory Theatre, The Old Globe, Cygnet Theatre Company, Diversionary Theatre, Moxie Theatre, Sierre Madre Playhouse等等


目前嘗試跨足展場及各類跨界空間設計2019年,舞蹈設計作品Moon Drunk入選布拉格劇場四年展,2021年作品Un-Tongue入圍第28屆開羅國際劇場-實驗戲劇作品展。台灣舞台設計作品:第13屆草草戲劇節《踅頭》、《嘉義知多少》、薩泰爾娛樂《炎上》第一季、2016臺南藝術節末路小花劇團《水管人》;台南人劇團《鬧三小劇展》;2015上海戲劇節樂乎乎工作坊《柯基托斯2.0》;2017MOD劇展《預示者》;2016新人新視野《卡關》;複象公場《尋找貝克特》;2014文化部藝術新秀《再現,櫻桃園》;傳愛表演藝術《月光下的記憶》


2022 Craig Noel Award                         

        - winner for October Night of Johnny Zero in Backyard Reinassance Theatre Company.  

2021 The 28th Cairo International Festival

        - selected for Experimental Theatre Exhibition 

2019 Prague Quadrennial                        

         - selected for Emerging Artist/Imagination Exhibit from the USA 



Basketball is both the reality and the metaphor of the play. Yi-Chien Lee has designed the set as a basketball court, with raised hoop, hardwood flooring, and basketballs displayed at the ready. Her work is clean, sharp, fresh, and nothing like any set I’ve seen at Cygnet previously. 

SAN DIEGO STORY By Bill Eadie | Jan. 28, 2020

LA Local Stories: Meet Yi-Chien Lee 

LA VOYAGER | Sep. 21, 2020

Interview: How set designer Yi-Chien Lee wows audience with theatrical artistry 

ODYSSEY By Camilla 5 | Apr. 29, 2020

...... via Blake McCarty’s vivid projections, Minjoo Kim’s dynamic lighting and Melanie Chen Cole’s well-calibrated sound — capture a compelling game-day vibe on Yi-Chien Lee’s basketball-court-style set. Each side of that set is framed by a grid of 18 balls; 18, it turns out, is also the maximum number of years that a solid hoops career can last, according to Saul (Manny Fernandes), the story’s comically obnoxious American coach.

THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE By James Hebert | Jan. 27, 2020

The set by Yi-Chien is equally homey and simple, with moveable beds, and moveable cubes, allowing the performers to shine through. 

BROADWAY WORLD SAN DIEGO By E.H. Reiter  | Sep. 30, 2019  

When Mike and Will sing along to “We’re the Same,” it’s clear their sense of synchrony goes a lot deeper than the Cure posters that adorn both of their bedrooms (on Yi-Chien Lee’s lovingly detailed, split-location set).

PACIFIC By James Hebert | Sep. 23, 2019

Interesting wood-slatted set by Yi-Chien Lee, both fairly self-involved at the moment, Kid is still angry at his father, and Grey can’t begin to understand Kid’s life, his transition or his desire to write a memoir at his young age.

TIMES OF SAN DIEGO By Pat Launer | Feb. 16, 2020

The production is also strong. Yi-Chien Lee’s scenic and props design follows the style of her successful design for Diversionary production of Girlfriend. 

SAN DIEGO STORY By Bill Eadie | Feb. 18, 2020

 Out of the blue, Grey spontaneously decides to surprise Kid with a visit to his Brooklyn apartment (which is vividly represented by Yi-Chien Lee's wooden set). 

TALKING BROADWAY by David Dixon | 2020

San Diego's most inspiring story: Meet Yi-Chien Lee 

SD VOYAGER | Jun. 29, 2020

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